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This short Hāngī Pants is a crack-up Māori comedy that flips the script on tradition, rivalry, and that unexpected manuhiri, all served on the lush grounds of a marae near Matapihi. This story? It’s a mish-mash of pukana comps and those classic marae shenanigans, whipped up by a bunch of us who’ve chucked in everything bar the kitchen sink (still on the hunt for that one, eh). We’ve dug deep into our own pockets,  begged our cool as actor mates for support fuelling this comedy with our own dough, in turning Nans stories and countless stuff-ups into a short film that’s just a teaser of the "big picture" we’re sitting on.

We’re dreaming big—like, feature film big, with more laughs, antics, Aunties, and maybe even nabbing that elusive kitchen sink. But to turn this shorty into a full-on comedy feature that every Māori and New Zealander will be proud of, we’re nudging you for a bit of aroha. Yep, your koha! With your help, we can dive deeper into this crack-up world, spilling the full story of frenemies becoming tight as cultural face-offs and the ultimate scrap for the marae’s top dog spot.

Reckon your donation is like scoring front-row seats to the comedy gig of the year (or, at least, that’s the dream). Every bit of your support gets us closer to sharing a story that’s not just about cracking up but also about the vibes of unity, tradition, culture, whenua and those mateships that survive even the most outrageous marae dust-ups.

Keen to help us leap from a cheeky short to a comedy feature that’ll have you in stitches? Flick us a koha today and jump on board this waka from the hearts of the Hāngi Pants creators to screens all over. Together, we can show that a good laugh is the primo way to bring the whānau together (and kickstart a movie).


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