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Ten Canaries | Writer/Producer Claire Varley & D.O.P/Director Jake Mokomoko will release their latest project in April -2023.

Stolen Lands - Betrayal of a Chief is an original production by Pāpāmoa-based film production company, Ten Canaries, operated by Claire Varley and Jake Mokomoko. Together the pair have over 16 years of experience in the television and film industries producing a range of award-winning content, including the critically acclaimed and self-funded short film Hāngī pants. 

Stolen Lands is a captivating and insightful documentary series directed and produced by the Ten Canaries team. The series follows the painful history of Chief Mokomoko of Te Whakatōhea and the devastating events that led to his unjust execution in Ōpōtiki in 1865.


With a predominantly Māori team behind the production, Stolen Lands is infused with a deep sense of cultural pride and respect for the stories and experiences of Māori communities. Through stunning visuals, powerful storytelling, and expert interviews, the series sheds light on New Zealand's indigenous people's complex and often tragic history.

As the narrator and series director, Jake Mokomoko brings a personal and heartfelt perspective, drawing on his connections to Chief Mokomoko and his whānau to help tell this important story. With a commitment to supporting Māori creatives in as many roles as possible, the Ten Canaries production team has created a compelling and professional series while honouring the values and traditions of Māori culture.

Stolen Lands is a must-see for anyone interested in New Zealand's history and those who seek to understand and acknowledge the ongoing impact of colonialism and injustice on indigenous communities. Through the lens of Chief Mokomoko's story, the series challenges viewers to confront the brutal truths of New Zealand's past and work towards a more just and equitable future for all.

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BTS STOLEN LANDS 2022 - Theresa Barnes

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