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Ten Canaries, based in Pāpāmoa and led by Claire Varley and Jake Mokomoko, is known for creating impactful, award-winning films, including the notable comedy short "Hāngī Pants." Their latest project, "Stolen Lands - Betrayal of a Chief," continues their mission to bring New Zealand's untold historical narratives to the forefront with a modern perspective.

The series delves into the life and wrongful execution of Te Whakatōhea's Chief Mokomoko in 1865, combining thorough research with emotive storytelling. Mokomoko's direct involvement adds a personal dimension, presenting a profound look at New Zealand's indigenous history and the consequences of colonialism.

"Stolen Lands" stands out for its stunning visuals and its role as a voice for the Māori community. It showcases cultural pride and the ongoing challenges faced by indigenous peoples. With a primarily Māori production team, the series respects and actively incorporates Māori perspectives and creatives, reinforcing Ten Canaries' dedication to authenticity and meaningful storytelling.

This commitment makes "Stolen Lands" essential viewing for those interested in New Zealand's past and its lasting effects on indigenous communities. The series highlights Chief Mokomoko's story and encourages a critical look at the nation's history, advocating for a fairer and more inclusive future.

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BTS STOLEN LANDS 2022 - Theresa Barnes

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